Chamois Hunting in The Red Rocks

Chamois Hunting in The Red Rocks

Picturesque landscapes with small villages, great wine and food are some of the ingredients that make hunting in Provence unique and make you a memory of a life time.


Tour 2 Red Stags In The Alps

Hunting In France - Tour 2 Red Stags In The Alps

Tour Overview

Hunting red stags in the alps is one of the absolute classic European hunts. The diverse natural environment of the southern French alps provide spectacular opportunities for the red stag hunting.


The remote area around Tete de Rigaud is largely uninhabited and lies between the skiing resort Valberg and Puget Theniers.

Not for the faint hearted, the mountain sides are accessible by rugged roads and is a mixture of habitat types, upland marsh grassland and sparse trees with stunning views over and around the mountain tops as far as the eye can see.

The proximity to the Mercantour national park ensures ideal condition for the game and a great population. The park covers a core area of 685 km2 with limited access and no hunting. Surrounding the national park is an approx. 1200 km2 peripheric buffer zone. We have managed to secure stag hunting on a approx. 3500 ha terrain spanning from an altitude of 1000 to 1500 m.

The classic mountain hunts in Provence are both exciting and physically challenging hunting in magnificent surroundings. But France is much more than this! There is a richness of culture and a food tradition which you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world.

It is no wonder that the fragrance industry originates from these areas in Provence, the scent of wild thyme, rosemary and many wild herbs fill the late summer and early autumn air.

Combining this hunting adventure with your family holiday is ideal with a little more than a one-hour drive to Nice, Cannes and Monaco, commonly referred to as the French Riviera. Let us know if you need assistance with guided tours, wine tasting or a truffle hunt with Jean-Jacques.

Hunting in the mountains requires reasonable physique and challenges your skills as a hunter and marksman. Shooting distances can exceed 250 meters.

Safety is our key priority!

What is included or excluded for this tour
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